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The Invisible Goals

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Many of us are so focused on main results and goals, whatever their are. Many of us achieve and succeed them, some will fail to keep a track of it, some lose interest and motivation because they can't see visible results. Social media heavily promotes visible results, how the ideal body should appear, and how everyone should be the same. This could include things like face and body aesthetics, body shape, body fat, and muscle tone. In my opinion, every body is a perfect body, but not ever body is has a healthy body. I'll save this topic for my next blog, which will focus on healthy bodies and how to work towards one. What are those invisible goals that I want to talk about today? With the exception of realising how much we do, these are the outcomes we achieve, such as;

- We can walk for longer and cover bigger distance

- We can run faster for longer

- We can lift heavier

- We can keep up with favourite fitness or dance class

- We are able to to recover quicker between the exercises.

Also, there other important anatomical and biomechanical changes;

- The total blood volume that is able to transport all nutrients and oxygen more efficient

- Blood volume stroke

- Your resting heart rate

- Heart rate recovery rate after strenuous exercise.

- Increased lung capacity

- Joint mobility and stability

Meet Sumaya, one of my clients, who was delighted to share her outcomes.

Despite the fact that Sumaya has lost 12 kg since we began working together in March, her body metrics have decreased throughout, and she feels much lighter and happier, she still despises those brisk cardio strength sessions :)

RESTING HEART RATE When I see positive results, like how her resting heart rate dropped. I become overly enthusiastic. Your body can deliver more nutrients and oxygen while exerting less effort. Have a lower heart rate but better blood volume is a big winner here.

CARDIO FITNESS VO2MAX "VO2 max is a measurement of the amount of oxygen from the air you breathe into your lungs that is then transported by your bloodstream to your muscles, where it is converted into energy during a workout”. For this analysis, I used data from her Apple Watch, which calculates slightly differently from the scientific method of measuring Vo2 Max, which requires you to wear an oxygen mask connected to a number of computers and run or cycle until all of your energy is gone. We'll stick with the Apple Watch results in this instance.

WALKING HEART RATE AVERAGE Another Apple's metric to measure and compare same activity heart rate over the time and see the results. Sumaya is able to walk long distances and travel further, she can climb more steps without running out of breath.

The most important factor in achieving results, whether they are visible or invisible, is mindset focus. Several suggestions that could aid in improving your mental state. - Always have a main goal in mind, but break it down to small bite size mini goals. - Re-test your physical ability - Re-test your join mobility and flexibility - Focus on body alignment and technique - Don't get hooked on measuring your bodyweight due to many factors. Or don't measure at all. Changes can happen without losing weight overall, however bodyfat and muscle ratio changes drastically - Celebrate each mini goal achieved - Never compare yourself to others - Never follow any FAD diets or training routines if these are not customised specifically for your needs.

Keep an eye out for more stories about invisible or maybe visible results shortly.

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