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Hip Opening Mobility Stretches

Poor hip mobility can be the cause of a lower back pain as well as knee problems. It can also affect your training technique, which may eventually lead to postural changes in your body causing long-term injuries.

Last month I posted a challenge “How low can you squat?” to put your lower body mobility and flexibility to the test. Many of you got in touch seeking advise on how to improve lower body flexibility.

In case you haven’t watched the video, but would still like to take part please follow this link.

Following a great response and many of you showing interest in this subject, I have come up with a 30-day challenge that will improve flexibility and the range of motion in your lower body.

I am always up for a challenge. However, this time I would like you to join me on this 30-day experiment too.

All it takes is 10-15 minutes a day of your time to go through this simple yet effective routine.

Be proud of your achievements and don’t shy away. Share your progress! #beforeandafter


Warm Up (around 5 minutes)

  1. Single Leg Hip Rotation

  2. Lateral and Medial Rotation

  3. Narrow Squat

  4. Shoulder Width Squat

  5. Sumo Squat (wide stance squat)


  1. Laying Down Hip rotation - 30 seconds on each side

  2. Piriformis Stretch - 30 seconds on each side

  3. Butterfly/Easy Lotus - 2-3 minutes

  4. The Frog - 10-12 repetitions

  5. Kneeling Lunge Quad Stretch - 30 seconds on each side

  6. Internal Hip Rotation - 6-10 repetitions on each side

  7. Pigeon Pose Stretch - 30 seconds on each


I am here to help! Please feel free to email me or get in touch on social media channels if you have any questions or need further guidance.

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