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Kids Fitness

Most of us are quite good at maintaining a relatively good fitness levels. However, let's not forget the importance of younger generation's engagement in fitness. It could be challenging to stay active, especially during the lockdown.

Therefore, my son Haris and me are going to do some short workouts suitable for almost all ages. Enjoy our very first and quick workout, where we are going to focus around agility, coordination skills and cardio vascular fitness. Performing these type of workouts at least two times per week, will increase neuromuscular development and also provides a fun family time for all.

WARM UP - 4:20 min

  • Running on the spot, changing directions - 1:20 min

  • Lateral shuffle - 1:00 min

  • Squat high fives - 30s + Squat jump high fives 30s - 1:00 min

  • Single leg skips - 1:00 min

WORKOUT - 5 min

  • 4 x Quarter turn bunny jumps - (R+L) x 4 with 20s rest. 2 sets in total

  • Turning 180 Jump high fives - 4 sets of 30s ON and 15s OFF

  • Jumping Jacks - 1 min

  • Random Letters "Z" - 30s rest 15s

  • Random Letters "W" - 30s rest 15s

  • Random Letters "H" - 30s rest 15s

STRETCHES - 2-3 min


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